Taino Heritage-Jamaica

On entering the Park, we were greeted by the sound of the fututo, a Taino horn.  We were then taken on a gallery tour where we were introduced to the life of the Taino through recreated oil paintings on canvas, and an interactive map of the Caribbean teaching the original Taino names of our islands.
The Gregory family, who run the Park have a history of education, previously running a training center in Jamaica prior to opening the Park.  We spoke for a while as they shared fresh water  coconuts with the group. They then took us on a journey through the Park surrounded by fruit trees, such as guava and pineapples.  We passed beds of yuka leading us to the batey grounds then a canae and bohio huts. 
The Taino Heritage Camp has developed a Park for the rejuvenation of our Taino heritage, offering educational field trips to schools:
Focusing on educating the younger students on a lifestyle as opposed to text book knowledge.