Tainos On The Move

Valerie NanaTurey Vargas Estevez- During filming of "In Search of the Santa Maria" for the Discovery Channel. Photo by Jorge Baracutei Estevez
Tainos and Navajos drumming Southern Style Mohegan Pow-wow-Sonny Rivas (white t) Taino from Kiskeya. Photo by Jorge Baracutei Estevez
Taino family at an Areito (Taino Festival) with Martin Veguilla of Boriken (r) and Jorge Estevez, his wife Valerie and their children. Photo by Jorge Baracutei Estevez
Taino Identity Asserted at Bariay, Cuba.
Photo by Jose Barreiro
Jamaican girl demonstrating the Pilon (wooden mortar and pestle). Jamaica
Taino Activist- Haiti
Presenting the United Confederation of Taino Peoples Flag to the Smithsonian Inst.:Robert Mucaro Borrero (l) & Jose Barreiro (r)- Washington D.C
Taino Alemstica Kayaking the Hudson river during Christmas. Mr. Almestica was the first modern Taino to Kayak the circumference of Puerto Rico. by Taino Almestica
Taino marching at the Puerto Rican Day Parade- New York City. By Bobby Gonzalez
Taino marching in Dominican Festival Parade- Dominican Republic. by Jose Ike Mendez
Marching towards Pueblo Viejo to play the Ancient game of Batey- Azua, Dominican Republic. By Rannel Baez
Rene Cibanakan and members of the Taino Nation.