Alicia Chevere-Chevere making a potiza pot. Photo by Ranald Woodaman of the Smithsonian Latino Center
Osvaldo Goyco explains the meanings of the symbols at the Parque Ceremonial de Caguana.
Photo By Ranald Woodaman.
Yvonne Narganes Storde, from the Center for Archaeological Investigation of of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras shows us a really valuable piece of ceramic. This fragment of a roughly 2000-year-old griddle for making cassava bread (from a Saladoid village on the island of Vieques) shows that it was imprinted with basketry to give the surface an exquisite texture.
Fragment of a vessel that was once in the shape of a puffer fish
Ceramic vessel used as a Cohoba inhaler.
Scholars Isar Godreau José Barreiro (NMAI), Juan Manuel Delgado Colón and Juan Carlos Martínez Cruzado,take questions.
Duho and Cemi.
Buren for making casabe for the elite in Taino society.