Symbologies of indigeneity

Entrance to the town of Higuey (rising sun) in the Dominican Republic.
Statue of Cacike Caonabo in San Juan de la Maguana , Dominican Republic
Valerie Nanaturey Vargas (red blouse) with students at the Cemi Museum, Jayuya, Puerto Rico
Canovanas Indian Town, Canovanas Puerto Rico- Photo by Jorge Estevez
Taino mural in Castle Hill & E Tremont Circa 1994 Bronx NY- Photo by Bert Correa
Taino Cafe- El Quemado, Dominican Republic- Photo by Jorge Estevez
Iguaca Sea Food Kiosk- Puerto Rico- Photo by Jorge Estevez
Cemi Restaurant, La Cumbre, Dominican Republice- Photo by Jorge Estevez
Taino Smokehouse Restaurant- Meriden, Connecticut- Photo by Jorge Estevez
Taino Smokeshouse sign- Meriden, Connecticut- Photo by Jorge Estevez
Road sign- Cuba- Photo by Cynthia Vidauri
Mural, Cuba- Photo by Cynthia Vidauri
Taino themed Mural, San Juan de La Maguana, Dominican Republic. Photo By Irka Mateo
Rum- This rum is cured with Mamajuana, an old Taino home remedy made from endemic roots and leaves. In modern times it is mixed with alcohol. Photo by Roger Hernandez (UCTP)
Jimagua (Twins) Statue in Cuba- Photo by Cynthia Vidauri
Taino mural-Cuba- Photo by Cynthia Vidauri
Jayuya Sun- Ancient petroglyph from the Island of Boriken (Puerto Rico) appears on the side of a builing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
Tattoo of Cacike Hatuey cultural hero of the Cuban and Caribbean people.
Tatoo of a Sea Turle and he United Confederation of Taino Peoples logo.
Tattoo of Atabeira (Mother earth). Photo by Artist Alixander Silverio Diaz.
Jagua Paste- Made from the seeds of the Jagua plant this Taino staple is still consumed today. Dominican Reoublic-Photo by Jorge Estevez
Mabi Areito- Mabi is an ancient beverage consumed by the Taino people of the Caribbean. Still consumed today. The label "Areito' is the Taino name for ceremonial social gathering.- Dominican Republic
Hatuey Malt- Malta, a bevarage in the Caribbean. This label shows Taino Chief Hatuey, who prefered to be burned alive than to be baptized.- Cuba- Photo by Jose Barreiro
A Taino legend speaks of a spirit named Bayomanaco who spits a substance called "Guanguayo" on the Back of another being named Deminan Caracaracol. In the Dominican Republic Guangua is an ailment that can be treated with elixirs such as this. Photo by Irka Mateo